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The Silent Killer - Galvanic Corrosion 0

Tef-Gel - East Marine Asia - Thailand

Prevention of Galvanic Corrosion between Dissimilar Metals
Eliminates Seizing and Galling of Dissimilar Metals
Lubrication that Will Not Break Down, Even in Salt Water or Detergents

The original Ultra Tef-Gel is design to stop corrosion between dissimilar metals, galling of stainless steel or aluminium fasteners, and act as an anti-seize agent for ease of maintenance. It contains 40% PTFE powder and 0% volatile solvents, no silicones or petroleum solvents to evaporate, which would leave voids for electrolytes to be drawn into create a galvanic cell. When both surfaces are coated and mated with Tef-Gel, there are no voids for electrolytes (or saltwater) to be drawn in by capillary action over extended period of time.

Tel-Gel prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals, for example stainless screws, bolts or rivets into aluminium (paint blistering, frozen fasteners, outboard motors). Prevent galling on stainless and titanium fasteners, and discoloration and rot in wood (water cannot get past it). Moving parts to lubricate hatch and porthole hinges and joint, sliders, swivels, locking pins, pulleys, rigging screws, low speed bearing.

Tef-Gel also replace silicone to lubricate pump gaskets, heat exchanger parts and PVC fittings. It stop weeping around endplates, faceplates, heat exchangers and plumbing, and it allow better sealing and adjustment in PVC.

Tef-Gel able to replace replace grease for punches presses, drill presses (longer life, smoother operation).

Other useful things to be use for Tef-Gel also include propeller shafts to allow easy removal of propellers (especially splined shafts). Packing in glands to make stuffing box drip free. Use on all your battery ends in flashlights etc. to stop tin oxide formation, making your batteries last much longer.

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Thank All of You 0

Dear Valued Readers, Customers and Friends,

Our entire team @ East Marine Asia would like to thank all of you for your continued support and trust in our business.

With the first quarter of 2019 behind us, but for Thailand?  Mid-April celebrations for the beginning of a Thai New Year (Songkran 13th - 15th April) are less than 2 weeks away 😀.  Let’s hope for some rain for the Songkran Festival, Thai New Year, we need it!

Going into 2019 we are focusing on extension plans for our Boat Lagoon store.  For example, Rigging services will be visible so customers can watch the pro’s at work while in store.

More informative blogs and YouTube videos will appear online and social media channels.  Our online store eastmarineasia.com is being updated daily with more quality products being added.  Please visit our online store we are always happy to assist you with enquiries: sales@eastmarineasia.com or our official LINE @eastmarineasia.

Prompt delivery services are available to supply our customers with quality products and professional service.

Wishing you all happy and safe boating.

Scott Bradley
Owner and Founder
East Marine Co Ltd

  • Scott Bradley

The Game Changer - hamma™ Regatta 0

Introducing hamma™ Regatta, the standing rigging fittings that designed to match the extreme high performance of the hamma™ X and hamma™ Pro cables for racing, cruising, and dinghy markets. hamma™ Regatta has been engineered utilising the best materials for performance and endurance, ultimately giving the end user the utmost confidence in the standing rigging while in some of the world's harshest environments.

The hamma™ X and hamma™ Pro stainless steel wire strand has up to a 30% higher minimum breaking strength than other ordinary wire, so the challenge was to engineer a range of rigging hardware that could match the increased performance of hamma™ X and hamma™ Pro.

3 key features that contribute to hamma™ range:

(1) Increased Material in Key Stress Areas
Using the latest technology to determine key stress area when under load, hamma™ Regatta was designed to have a sleek, infinity design, while at the same time increasing the material used in key stress areas. This has resulted in fitting that is up to 30% stronger than other fittings on the market, and will match the break loads of the hamma™ Pro strand.

(2) Rolled Threads
Rolled threads offer a distinct advantage by forming compressed, continuous granular lines that resist stripping. This is particularly evident in the root section of the thread where compressed granular lines increase hardness by 30%. The active stress area is also maximised by compressed redistribution of the material, as opposed to material loss.

(3) Toggle Strength & Swage Length
Toggle length optimised with oversized cross pins for increased strength. At the same time, the swage length has been increased to minimum of 11 times wire diameter. This is consider the best weight vs performance solution, which ensure the standing rigging does not fail due to slippage of wire in the swage ends under extreme conditions.

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Price Match Guarantee for Rocna & Martyr 0

Get your own new geniune Rocna / Vulcan and your trusted anode by Martyr, now with lower prices than ever.

Rocna / Vulcan is consider one of the best anchor in the world and a true multi-purpose anchor that sets and holds in most seabeds, from soft mud to hard sand, clay, grass and kelp.  Beware that there are so many parties claim that they are able to supply you the "made-in-backyard" Rocna anchor.  The original Rocna was designed by Peter Smith and Rocna is an SHHP (Super High Holding Power) type anchor, and Rocna anchors exhibited the highest holding power of any anchor that classification society RINA has ever certified.

Matryr Anodes provide a low-cost marine corrosion protection for yacht, marine structures, and boat equipment.  Get the genuine Matryr only and be careful with any supplier who claim that they can cast / re-melt the recycle anodes with Matryr moulded on it.

Price Match Guarantee - we will match the price if found someone sell Rocna, Vulcan & Martyr lower than us - same brand, same model - in Thailand

Contact our sales at sales@eastmarineasia or LINE @eastmarineasia for more information.

We reserved the right to declined the price match comparison if found out the source of comparison is not geniune


Always Use The Correct Fittings 0

Message from the Owner & Founder

Dear Reader,

Welcome September 2018 high season is just around the conner. With some unfortunate low season accidents in Phuket, vessel safety, understanding and maintenance have made local marine authorities more aware of the importance of safety.

As a Shipwrights and Boatbuilder for 35 years and the owner of Precision Shipwright Services, I have seen huge changes in construction technique and product qulity on several thousand yachts during my carrer.

I would like to advise from my experience the concerns I have with below-waterline plumbing. Firstly there are many grades of thru hull fittings and seacocks used on yachts - Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Marelon (polymer composite) to name a few. There are in all parts of the world non-marine grade fittings - agriculture and household type which are not manufactured for electrolysis and saltwater use. I still see many yachts using several fittings containing low grade stanless steel even normal mild steel, brass and low grade plastic below waterline.

Always remember that aluminium yachts should only use Marelon and remember Marelon will not corrode or have any electrolysis issue.

Further down the track, seawater hoses and particularly "hose clamps" that some yachts have installed are concerning and dangerous. There are increasing amounts of low budget, low quality fittings readily available. It is always particularly interesting to research brands before buying. Some don't even exist! Many are not branded for obvious reasons of legal issues.

Always try to use the correct type of hose for the application. Most bilge pump hoses are not certified for below waterline use. Only use the correct qulity hose. Below waterline plumbing is one of the most important areas of your yacht to maintain, so keep on top of it.

And remember...... Don't put peoples lives at risk to save money!

Wish you all happy and safe boating.

Owner and Founder
East Marine Co Ltd
Scott Bradley

You Can Be PropOne Professional Applicator Too 0

All boat owners agree that propeller is a vital part of the boat. In long terms sense, if treated correctly, the benefits of PropOne is a great antifouling paint that is a small investment with a lot of long-term benefits; which include increased speed, more fuel efficient and better overall propeller health.

PropOne was formally known as PropGold, it is the same products, just a different brand name... PropOne is a latest generation non-biocidal foul release coating, which prevents sealife adhering to it. It has been developed ... [READ MORE]

Unlike some generic "professional" prop antifouling system which should be applied by a "recognised" qualified applicator only, PropOne can be apply by boat owners themselves if follow the correct preparation and application instructions. Taking shortcuts will significantly reduce the durability and longevity of the system. PropOne doesn't require any special equipment in its application. All you need is a good sander, some 80 - 120 grit sandpaper wet & dry, plenty of rags, disposable gloves, eye protection, disposable brushes etc.

The application of PropOne requires some short planning. Make sure you have installed and taped over all anodes. Let the person who is helping you that you are doing the PropOne and avoid any unnessary contamination by the "helping hands".

The application of PropOne can be broken down into four seperate stages:
  1. Surface Preparation
  2. Surface Cleaning
  3. Primer Application
  4. Clear Coat Application

Boat owners using dive service / boat-boy should inform their diver that PropOne has been applied to the propeller or any other areas, so that they can use the proper cleaning methods to avoid damaging to the PropOne system.

So, are you Ready for PropOne?

Click this LINK to purchase the PropOne online or contact our Sales or LINE us at @eastmarineasia for further information. Wholesale price available.