Antal Roller Cleats

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Product Description

Roller is a folding cleat with rotating horns: with a simple gesture of your hand, you can open or close roller even with the line on, just by turning one of the horns. 


Roller is open: you can easily tie or remove the mooring line. 

Roller is closed: this position minimizes the size and, more important, prevents other lines from getting caught. 


The horns can be shut down or turned up even under load. Roller is the only folding cleat you can close with the line on. 

Roller has perfectly rounded shapes in order not to damage the mooring lines.



Available in 4 sizes and 2 finishes: silver (/SI) or black anodized (/B).


Horn Rotation 

The horn can only be rotated on one side (inward). In this way, Roller can act as a footrest (outward rotation is locked). 

A safety ball keeps the cleat steady in the open or closed position. 


Safe Working Load 

The SWL may differ according to the pull direction, depending on the type of mooring line used.

Mooring knot: the max. load changes with the line direction.

Spliced line: the max. load remains the same for any line direction.



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