Absorber XL High-Performance Synthetic Chamois

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Product Description

The XL in Absorber XL does not mean extra large size - it means more drying power for bigger jobs.  Only slightly bigger in size than the original, the Absorber XL offers a smooth, textured surface capable of holding more water therefore covering more surface area in a shorter amount of time.  The Absorber XL can out perform several terry cloth towels or leather chamois’ at once and is perfect for a large truck, boat or yacht.  No one drying product can match its performance.  Throw away your stack of towels and replace them with one Absorber XL.

  • Super absorbent - Cover more surface area faster
  • Soft and scratch free - Protect your investment
  • Resistant to most chemicals - Use with confidence
  • Machine washable - Reusing your XL is great for the environment
  • Resistant to mold & mildew - With proper care the Absorber lasts for years
  • Handy tube for protection - Be ready to dry at home or on the move
  • Product dimensions: 29" x 18" (74 cm x 46 cm)

Use for: Vehicles, Boats, Personal Drying, Dogs, Household Chores and More!

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