Airhead 12 Vdc Hi Pressure Electric Air Pump

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Product Description

Airhead's 12 Vdc Hi Pressure Air Pump with Pressure Release Valve produces 3 times the pressure of other 12 volt air pumps.  Therefore it does a great job getting towable, boats and rafts nice and firm for peak performance.  Adapters are provided for all popular valves.  A removable pressure release valve limits the output to 0.1 bar (1.4 psi), the perfect inflation pressure for towable.  The 53 cm (21") hose is heavy duty and reinforced with PVC coils.  This powerful pump draws too many amps to plug into a cigarette lighter style outlet.  Hook it up to your car, truck or boat battery with the alligator clips connected to a 3 m (10 ft) power cord.  Volume is 410 L/min.  Maximum pressure is 0.17 bar (2.5 psi). It draws 28 A / 340 W.

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