Awlgrip T0008 Awl-Prep Surface Cleaner

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Product Description

Use to wipe down finish primers and topcoats.

A fast evaporating surface cleaner used to wipe down final primed or topcoated surfaces before and after sanding.


Awlprep T0008 is a mild surface cleaner that will remove hand oils, light grease and other light surface contaminants. Using the Two Cloth Method wipe down with Awlprep T0008 before and after sanding of primers, fillers and topcoats.


Awlprep T0008 has a ‘drying’ effect which removes the latent moisture from the surface. Latent moisture on the surface can cause a good gloss finish to come out flat. Awlprep T0008 is non-photochemically reactive. 

For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Datasheet. 

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