Donaghys PE Silver Rope White

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Product Description

Donaghys' Silver ropes are manufactured using a special Polyethylene (PE) extrusion process which gives the rope superior strength and a distinctive hairy appearance which enhances wear resistance and knotting performance. Silver rope is strong and versatile with excellent handling properties. Ideally suited to general and industrial applications, particularly in the marine industries where high resistance to abrasion and floating buoyancy are advantageous. 

  • Tape based construction enhances strength, abrasion and handling properties 
  • 3 strand rope 
  • Floats in water 
  • Not affected by water 
  • Resistant to fungi 
  • Available in soft and medium lays for superior splicing efficiency


General, industrial and marine applications 

  • Truck ropes 
  • Head lines 
  • Slings 
  • Industrial rigging 
  • Tarpaulin ties 
  • Foot ropes 
  • Tent guys 
  • Mooring lines 
  • Truck nets


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