Fuel Right Small Engine Tonic 30 ml

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Product Description
  • Clean Fuel System
  • Maximize Fuel Economy
  • Improved Starting
  • Prevent Corrosion
  • Eliminate Diesel Sludge


Fuel Right Small Engine Tonic is a revolutionary engine treatment based on over 20 years of proven scientific research and development to to help all small engines work at peak performance!


1 Ounce Treats 50 Gallons Of Gasoline Or Diesel Fuel


Fuel Right Small Engine Tonic is a highly concentrated formula that contains no useless fillers or additives. Just one ounce treats 50 Gallons of fuel ... Gasoline OR Diesel ... making Small Engine Tonic an economical solution to restoring small engines to like new condition!


Restores Power & Performance

Bring back the performance and power your engine once had! Fuel Right Small Engine Tonic safely and effectively strips away carbon buildup, gums, varnish ... even diesel fuel sludge ... that inhibit engine performance and reduce engine power. Fuel Right Small Engine Tonic also lets you get the most out of your fuel by burning more completely and cleanly ... saving you money, and maximizing fuel economy.


Clean & Protect Your Engine's Entire Fuel System

Fuel Right Small Engine Tonic works to protect your entire fuel system against damaging rust and corrosion caused by moisture and ethanol fuels. An exclusive Filming Amine Corrosion Inhibitor provides a protective coating on all of the entire engine fuel system - even when the engine is in storage.



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