Groco Bronze Raw Water Manifolds

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Product Description

While we do not recommend the practice of supplying raw or filtered water to multiple "consumers" from a single inlet source (i.e.,: toilets, washdown pumps, air conditioners, generators, etc), we do recognize that it is common practice to do so, particularly when one or more of the consumers is an intermittent consumer.

If this is your intention, protect your equipment by installing a GROCO RWM Raw Water Manifold. You will be guided to use proper pipe or hose sizes, thus reducing the possibility of imposing dangerous restructions to one or all of the consumers.

The barbed outlet is connected to the primary consumer (your main engine, for example), and is smaller than the threaded inlet which screws into a seacock or strainer outlet of the next larger pipe size (see sample installations). The larger threaded end requires that a larger strainer or inlet seacock be used, thus assuring adequate flow to all consumers.

The combined cross-sections of the primary consumer plus the threaded secondary consumer connections (to A/C and generator, for example) does not exceed the cross-section of the threaded inlet end. 

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