Groco Hydromatic Self-Cleaning Strainers with Clear Sight Glass

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Product Description

As raw water strainers do their job, filter baskets become clogged with debris and flow to the connected device is reduced, resulting in the need for system shutdown for cleaning and maintenance. Hydromatic strainers eliminate untimely shut-downs and maintenance by conducting a periodic self-cleaning cycle (the user selects the cleaning interval) with its powerful internal macerator. Debris is pumped overboard without shutting down the connected device.


  • A 30-second cleaning cycle is automatically performed at user-selected intervals.
  • optional intervace with GROCO's SSA System initiates cleaning cycle when flow is reduced, independent of the pre-set cleaning interval.
  • The "PURGE" option over-rides the selected cleaning interval and performs a one-time 30-second cleaning cycle.
  • Powerful macerator grinds debris and discharges overboard below the waterline.
  • "Ignition Protected" motors for DC models. AC models available in varous HP and Phase options - 115VAC, 60Hz, 1-phase is standard.
  • 970 and HSE models function as a sea chest to provide filtered water to multiple devices.
  • Installation can be horizontal or vertical (flooded inlet required).
  • HSA models are available with a bronze enclosure in place of clear sight glass. Specify AHSEF-(pipe size)-(voltage).



NOTE: Bronze Flange Adaptors are available for connecting pipe or hose to flanged strainers. 

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