Groco LCD Touchscreen Monitor and Control For E-Valve

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Product Description

LCD-5 is independent of NMEA2000 and provides wireless control and monitoring from the helm for all E-Valves on your boat. Safety and convenience features such as OPEN ALL, CLOSE ALL, and EXERCISE ALL are provided on the touch screen. Set-up options allow individual E-Valves to open and close automatically or to be locked (ie: sanitation systems or systems under maintenance).

Each E-Valve icon is shown colored to indicate at a glance whether the seacock is open (green), closed (red), locked (blue), automatic (yellow), or if there is a problem with a specific valve (orange).

The generic vessel plan provided can be customized to show your actual boat and each valve can be named (ie: Port Engine, Generator). Icons can be moved on the screen to show their relative position on the vessel plan. 

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