Groco Rotary Pumps

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Product Description

Improved pump design has screw-on seal end cap. P–9000 and P–9000–1 are two-stage self-priming positive displacement pumps.


Their construction (bronze, stainless steel, Teflon® and Delrin®) makes them suitable for pumping nearly any non-flammable and non-explosive fluid with low solids content. (Use a GROCO® WSB Series Strainer if solids are likely to be encountered in the fluid being pumped.) External drive is required (1750 RPM max) either direct or with pulley and belt.


The difference between P-9000 and P-9000-1 is the impeller and cam design. P–9000 is for applications where occasional dry running may be encountered. P–9000–1 is for lower GPM, higher PSI applications, when dry running is not likely. 

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