Groco Sweettank Odor Neutralization Systems

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Product Description

The SweetTank™ concept has been developed by GROCO® to stop odors in yacht and RV holding tanks without the use of chemicals or filters.

SweetTank™ comes as standard equipment on Thermopure-2® Type-I MSD, and is optional with GROCO® Type-III MSD units (specifically Model ZDS).We also offer SweetTank™ in several retrofit kits to fit existing holding tanks. Contact GROCO® for the exact kit to accommodate your specific application needs.


How it works

Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria coexist naturally in raw sewage. It is the anaerobic bacteria that produce undesirable odors. Introducing a constant flow of air into the tank produces an oxygen-rich environment in which bacteria cannot thrive, thus eliminating unpleasant odors.

The compact module that constantly delivers oxygen to the holding tank requires less than 3 watts of DC power. Also available in an AC model.



  • SweetTank™ screws into a 1-1/2 NPT threaded fitting in the top or side of the tank.

  • If the tank has no 1-1/2" NPT opening, aeration equipment is installed into a 2-1/2" hole cut in the tank top or side. All mounting hardware is included.

  • STK-18 fits tanks up to 18" deep. Contact GROCO for installation in tanks deeper than 18". 
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