Groco Waste Holding Systems: Type-III MSD with Sweettank

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Product Description


Type III Waste Holding System with Sweettank A Type-III MSD may be used aboard any vessel regardless of size or geographic location. The system receives waste from one or more toilets and retains it for disposal at a dockside or marina pump-out facility. Contents can also be pumped directly overboard where legal to do so.


Available in many sizes and shapes, but stocked in four standard sizes, this system comes complete with a TLM Series Level Monitor and a powerful 17gpm macerator/discharge pump located inside the tank.


ZDS also includes SweetTank which keeps the tank odor-free at all times, without the use of chemicals or filters. Sweettank can be added to older ZDS models.


All tanks include an oversized vent to aid with high-capacity dockside pump-out.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is illegal to discharge untreated waste directly overboard in most places. Consult local regulations before doing so. Discharge restrictions change with geographic location. 

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