Martyr Grouper Hanging Anodes, Zinc

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Product Description

An easy, convenient way to add extra corrosion protection to your boat. The Grouper comes complete with a 15 foot cable and clip. It is an ideal way to provide temporary extra corrosion protection to your boat or engine when mooring in various water environments.


Using the cable on a cleat, secure the Grouper's weight below the bottom of the hull before attaching the alligator clip to outboard or outdrive mounting bolt, or to rudder or strut ground strap, etc. 


• Clip to grounding strap, where possible, or to a component wired to the boat's common DC ground


• Do NOT connect to battery


Martyr Anodes provide low-cost marine corrosion protection for boats, marine structures, and boat equipment.


Martyr is the only manufacturer that offers all three alloys that protect your boat from corrosion that can occur in salt water, brackish water and fresh water. Martyr's Traditional (Zinc) anode is for use in Salt Water, Premium (Aluminum) anode is for use in salt and brackish water, and Fresh (magnesium) anode is for use in fresh water. Martyr's marine anodes are made of a specialized alloy based on the US Mil Spec using only high purity metals.

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