Ritchie Angler Compass, Bracket Mount

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Product Description

Stay on course on your next fishing trip with this Ritchie Angler Compass, RA-91. It features a 2-3/4" direct-reading dial and comes with an easily adjustable bracket mount with thumbscrews. With no-glare and high-visibility, it is easy to read at all times of the day.

This Ritchie compass has a scientifically matched sapphire jewel and hardened steel pivot dial movement for durability. It is grey and has a blue dial for a touch of style. Mounting the compass is simple.

Stylish and accurate, these low-profile, 2-3/4" apparent direct-reading compasses with distinctive Ritchie Angler graphics feature no-glare gray finishes and high-visibility blue dials to point the way to your favorite fishing spot. Both feature internal marine night lighting, built-in compensators, movable sun shields, pushbutton removal for quick storage and security.


Ritchie Angler Compass Features:

  • 2 3/4" Direct-Reading Dial
  • Easily Adjustable Bracket Mount with Thumbscrews
  • No-Glare Gray Finish with High-Visibility Blue Dial
  • Distinctive RitchieAngler graphics
  • Scientifically Matched Sapphire Jewel & Hardened Steel Pivot Dial Movement
  • Internal Green Night Lighting
  • Built-in Compensators to Easily Adjust for Deviation
  • Movable Sun Shield
  • Directive Force Magnets
  • 100% Repairable


Protective Cover: None

Replacement Lighting:

  • 6 Volt: EX-0099- 2
  • 12 Volt: EX-0005-2
  • 24 Volt: EX- 0098
  • 12 Volt Light & Wire Assembly: EX-0022 ASY

Replacement Bracket: EX-0073 XSP

Replacement Thumbscrews: EX-0081 XSP

Notes: Comes standard with 12 volt lighting.

Some custom built OEM models may have different lighting.


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