Sportsstuff Poparazzi 3 Inflatable 3-Rider Towable

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Product Description

Sportsstuff Poparazzi 3 Inflatable 3-Rider Towable.Catch a wave with the Poparazzi for up to 3 riders!  Its unique, high winged shape with rocker bottom allows you to carve into the wake and glide across the water’s surface with minimal drag.  With a turn of the boat, inside riders will teeter deep into the wake while the other riders will rise high above it!  Multiple EVA Foam body pads allow riders to comfortably perform every riding position imaginable.  The unique High Rise Tower equipped with multiple Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards allow standing or kneeling on the back deck.Stand, sit, kneel, steer, lay, balance and freestyle with the new Poparazzi.

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