International Paint Micron 77 Antifouling

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Product Description

Micron 77 is patented class-leading SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) Biolux® technology


  • Outstanding protection even in the harshest conditions
  • Proven SPC technology has already been successfully used on 5,000+ commercial vessels?
  • Multi-season performance – one application lasts for two seasons
  • Suitable for both fresh and salt water areas
  • Reduces application and maintenance time and costs
  • Increases flexibility in maintenance schedules
  • Increases yard throughput
  • 24/7 biocide release – protection in all conditions Protects even when stationary Continuous surface polishing delivers a constant smooth, low friction finish with limited paint build-up
  • Minimises drag
  • Improves speed and fuel efficiency
  • Saves fuel costs
  • Three rich colours in a matt finish offer long lasting stability


For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Datasheet.  

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