Shields Series 148 Extra Heavy Duty VAC Hose

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Shields Series 148 Extra Heavy Duty VAC Hose has a smooth white FDA grade PVC with vinyl helix.  It is rated for full vacuum and is resistant to mild chemicals, permeation, and saltwater.  This hose is primarily used for bilge pump intake and discharge, drains (sinks, shower, and scupper), livewell intake and drain, potable water tank fill, and sanitation (toilet to holding tank, intake, self draining lines vent and pump out).  This hose is resistant to odour permeation.  Do not use glycol based antifreeze in hose.  Do not use in pressurized water systems.


  • Can be bent into gradual radius
  • Designed to give excellent service for toilet to holding tank, holding tank pump out, holding tank to overboard discharge, toilet water inlet, holding tank vent, etc
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