Awlgrip T0170 Awl-Prep 400 Slow Evaporating Wipe

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Product Description

Use to wipe down finish primers and topcoats.


General purpose surface cleaner which evaporates five times slower than T0008. Use to wipe down final primed or topcoated surfaces before and after sanding. T0170 will remove hand oils, light grease and other light surface contaminants. Use the Two Cloth Method to apply and remove the T0170. The slower evaporation rate of T0170 allows for larger areas to be cleaned in hot weather using the two cloth method without creating wipe marks.


T0170 is also excellent for removing tape residue. T0170 is non-photochemically reactive. T0170 is recommended for use in warm weather.

For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Datasheet.  

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