Awlgrip T0200 Awlwood MA Brush Cleaner

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Product Description

Awlgrip Awlwood MA OT0200 Brush Cleaner is formulated to preserve and clean brushes during application of Awlwood products.

it MUST NOT be used as a thinner for Awlwood products.

When using OT0200 Brush Cleaner ensure all traces are removed from brushes and equipment by drying VERY thoroughly and / or rinsing with the Awlwood Brush or Spray reducers.

When cleaning brushes remove excess Awlwood from the brush and place in a container with OT0200 Brush Cleaner covering the bristles.  Push the brush against the bottom of the container to flex the bristles open working the cleaner right into the core of the brush.

For wet storage leave brush soaking overnight.  Prior to reuse work out excess cleaner and spin or shake dry.

Then rinse the brush in either the Awlwood Brushing or Spray reducer to remove any traces of the Brush Cleaner and to help prevent the brushes from feeling gummy.

For dry brush storage leave soaking overnight then remove excess product and then rinse again in clean OT0200 Brush Cleaner.  Shake out and dry.

For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Information SheetAwlwood Q&A, and Product Datasheet.


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