Awlgrip T0202 Awlwood MA Spray Reducer

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Product Description

OT0202 Spray Reducer is a fast evaporating thinner formulated to assist in spray application by reducing the viscosity of Awlwood, especially in cold conditions. It can also be used for rinsing OT0200 Brush Cleaner from brushes prior to use with the Awlwood products, for rinsing brushes that have become stiff with part cured Awlwood and as a surface cleaner between coats if contamination problems occur.

OT0202 as Spray Reducer: Prior to using OT0202 Spray Reducer, try warming the tin to a maximum of 30ºC in a safe manner as this will also drop viscosity significantly.  Use at recommended levels noted above.  Always ensure product is mixed well before use. Flush spray equipment well prior to use. In cold conditions it can be added to achieve a good brushable viscosity with reduced risk of solvent entrapment.

OT0202 as flushing solvent: Work into brushes that have been washed with OT0200 Brush Cleaner to flush, then shake out well. If brushes have stiffened part-way through a job, work into bristles and shake out before recommencing.  Repeat if necessary.  Should also be used to flush all spray gear before spraying.

OT0202 as Cleaner: If contamination is suspected, sand well between fully cured coats and wash applying the OT0202 Spray Reducer using a rag. Scrub then remove this material with clean rags.

For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Information SheetAwlwood Q&A, and Product Datasheet.

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