PYI Revolve Rollable Composite Boat Hook

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Product Description

PYI Revolve Boat Hook has designed and developed a unique, full-size rollable boat hook that stows into a space not much bigger than a coffee cup.  The Revolve boat hook uses next-generation rollable composite technology to easily roll up for storage and quickly unrolled for use.  Minimising the space it takes up means that it can also be easily carried on craft unsuitable for conventional boathooks, including tenders, dinghies, and even jet skis.

The PYI Revolve Boat Hook uses advanced rollable composite technology.  It can be unrolled in a matter of seconds; it is ultralightweight and robust, with a total length of 1.9 m.  To store it, roll it back up, and it will fit into a 11 x 11 x 12 cm space.  Resulting in reduced deck clutter and minimal onboard storage space.

The rollable composite material is lightweight and durable, at 447 g. the Revolve Boat Hook weighs approximately 50% less than traditional designs.  Being lightweight will also help reduce to any potential damage to the deck in the event it is dropped.

The Revolve Boat Hook floats and has a high visibility design to easily spot and retrieve.

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