Ronstan RF3124 Battlestick Telescopic Alloy Tiller Extension

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Product Description

Ronstan RF3124 Battlestick Telescopic Alloy Tiller Extension provide the highest level of control, for quick, decisive helm response in every situation.  The Evalon Grip is a firm non-slip grip material that does not absorb water.  End knob for safety and positive hand positioning.  Large grip diameter contracts ergonomically with mainsheet diameter to relieve fatigue.  Tubes have a black anodised finish for corrosion protection.

The urethane universal joint provides smooth, uniform rotation in all directions and a quick, firm response to steering movements.


- Lightweight, rigid construction

- Secure, comfortable grip

- Quick fitting universal joint for accurate helm response

Product Specifications

- Tube diameter: 16 + 20 mm

- Grip diameter: 30 mm

- Length: 1.53 - 2.49 m

- Weight: 485 g

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