Rupes BigFoot 130 - 150 mm Microfiber Polishing Pads for Random Orbital and Triple Action Polishers

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Product Description

Rupes patented microfiber polishing pads are manufactured using a polyurethane resin directly injected into the structure between the Velcro interface and the microfibre fabric.  The resin crosslinks directly to both materials to provide a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives.  Due to the unique moulding technique, Rupes is able to offer a pad with a bevelled, allowing easy conformability to all shapes during the polishing process.  In addition to helping dissipate heat, the centre hole also helps to correctly fit the microfiber polishing pad onto the backing plate.

  • Coarse Blue - correction step to enhance the cutting capacity of the abrasive
  • Fine Yellow - light action to promote gloss level
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